About project


A high degree of automation allows all the work of the judiciary to be carried out by one operator. The constant development of the error protection system allows an unprepared person to quickly get used to the program

informational content

Any participant in the competition has easy access to all the information of interest to him


The software complex is located on the server in the Internet, which, in addition to the convenience of access from any computer, provides backup of all information and prevents its loss in the event of a breakdown of your equipment.

Map of upcoming competitions

Cost of information support

  • - Full functionality and technical support are available to all users
    - Each contribution is valid for a year. The unused remainder of the nominations is burned
    - If the prepaid number of nominations is exceeded, 7 days are given for its repayment
    contribution for 3 years, rub nominations in the package cost of 1 nomination, rub
    3000 100 30
    5000 250 20
    10000 667 15
    20000 1600 12.5

    nominations for the year* cost of 1 nomination, rub
    0-100 40
    100-250 30
    250-667 20
    667-1600 15
    above 1600 12.5
    * the nominations made under the PowerTable program for the year from the date of payment are taken into account